About Us

03XX Foundation provides assistance to veterans and transitioning service members from the United States Armed Forces who have served honorably as a Marine Corps Infantryman (0300) or as Naval Corpsmen (8404/8427) with an infantry unit. Using our extensive network of available resources, we honor our brothers’ service and sacrifice by providing a peer to peer support system to overcome the challenges of unemployment, benefits advocacy, financial planning/assistance, and other challenges they may face when reintegrating into civilian life.

To start, we give back to grunts in the following ways:

Career Transition: We’ve all transitioned. We’re all connected. We’ll help you in your hunt for a career that YOU want. All you have to do is contact us and let us help.

Emergency Financial Planning/Assistance: We’re not into throwing money at challenges hoping the band aid will stop the bleeding. We’re here to FIX the problem. We’ll evaluate your needs and help create solutions; not temporary fixes.

Benefits Advocacy: From the newly transitioned, to those who’ve been medically separated and or retired or those career Marines who have given and sacrificed we help with all different categories of questions and concerns. We use our wide base network to custom tailor a care plan based on each individuals need. A well informed and educated veteran can become a much more productive member of the community. Our goal is to pay it forward.Knowing your benefits understanding where to ask questions and gaining answers makes each individual more productive in this fast-paced world we live in.

When our nation is drawn into conflict, we call upon our citizens to fill the ranks, to stand with their weapons in-hand and carry out any needed action across the globe. An entire generation of service members has stepped forth to answer the call during what has become the longest conflict in our nation’s history. From the earliest years of this millennium to those currently fighting for every inch of a faraway Afghan field to those who will one day fill those ranks, these brave Americans risk their lives every day.

There is no finer example of such selfless service than those in the United States Marine Corps Infantry.

In recent years, we have seen these warriors capture cities and open schools. We’ve seen the Marines remove an insidious insurgency from a district and replace it with hospitals, commerce and the security that allows citizens, there, to walk down their own streets. Every day these hard fought achievements are paid for in blood and sweat, but these brave fighters persevere relentlessly for country, for victory, and for each other.

What most of us do not see is what happens to these warriors when they return. Where do they go? What do they become?

This is where we come in.

The 03XX Foundation is fully staffed by prior service Infantry MOS Marines.

We exist solely to carry on that mutual support, because some of us are not so fortunate to be as “successful” once our time in uniform ends. The spirit of camaraderie never leaves us and everything we become, everything we are is owed to our fellow Marines. We had each other’s back in combat, and that doesn’t end, ever. We owe it to each other to make sure none of us are left behind after our war.

03XX Foundation exists entirely on the generosity of those who donate. We are an independent not-for-profit organization. While there are many great entities that pledge to “take care of” veterans, our aim is more specific. We know that nobody can understand the issues an Infantry Marine can face after his end of service, like another 03XX Infantry Marine.